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Our Motorhome


The motorhome is spacious with facilities to sleep up to 6 people and two living room areas. Additionally, it has a full bathroom including shower. 


in the Lincolnshire Wolds

We are privileged to live in a mostly understated part of England - The Lincolnshire Wolds - in a beautifully kept, small market town.

From here, you could explore the local area or venture further afield. All of Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and parts of Norfolk are accessible within 2.5 hours. We love just hitting the road and seeing where we end up. It might be the North Coast 500 is your journey of choice or perhaps a seaside break in sunny Cornwall; the choice is yours. Let the adventure begin...


Jonathan and Michelle Bower

We are an active husband and wife team that love travelling and exploring. This adventure into owning a motorhome is fuelled by wanting to be able to travel in style and enjoy the freedom that hitting the road gives you. Some might even call it a midlife crisis! We have busy lives, split between our 3 grown-up daughters, our two lively pointers and work. But early on in our married life, we discovered camping and the release of stress that came from it. This seemed like a natural progression as we reached our 50s and a more comfortable environment became a priority. We look forward to being able to share this journey with you.